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    SBSB has been a pioneer working with Crypto and Fintech over 10 years. We do have experience.

    We assist crypto projects with obtaining licenses for crypto exchanges, registering crypto funds and banks, launching blockchain projects etc.

    We are a team of friendly lawyers who are always ready to help you with your legal crypto needs.

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    Our services for crypto projects:

    Obtaining a Сrypto License

    Project analysis, jurisdiction selection, comprehensive support

    Legal Support for Crypto Startups

    Our legal aid eases your crypto startup through challenging regulation

    Crypto Fund License

    Project analysis, jurisdiction selection, comprehensive support

    Crypto Bank License

    Consulting, solution selection, creation of a turnkey crypto bank

    Own Token Issue, Assets Tokenization

    Project analysis, compliance processes support, preparation of policies and agreements

    Crypto Consulting from Crypto Lawyers

    NFT consultation, crypto income structuring, jurisdiction selection guidance, P2P market advice

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    After a contract is signed, we will perform the project tasks: company registration, licensing, fund creation etc.


    We make sure the project is ultimately prepared for doing business and will offer follow-up services after the launch.

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    We focus on two areas: Fintech and Crypto. This enables our team to be qualified experts exactly in these domains.

    We understand when you say: “We need this urgently, all deadlines are over OR this will be the first crypto project in the world..”

    All projects are different. And likewise, legal solutions are different. We design all solutions on an individual basis. Final result – that what matters.

    All services are provided on a turnkey basis. We do not leave you stranded halfway, we follow up your idea to implementation. So that you can start operations all at once.

    Meet our experts

    Our team of experts at Crypto License and Fintech Lawyers is dedicated to providing top-notch legal support and guidance to our clients.

    Yuliya Barabash

    Managing Partner

    As the Managing Partner of SBSB FinTech Lawyers, Yuliya founded the company in 2013 and has been managing it for 10 years. Yuliya is an expert in providing Fintech advice, launching payment systems and neobanks, supporting investment and crypto projects, and establishing companies worldwide.

    Ivan Nevzorov

    Head of the Fintech Department

    In 2020, Ivan took over the Fintech Department at SBSB Fintech Lawyers. Has extensive experience in launching and maintaining Fintech and crypto projects. With his team, he has obtained over 30 crypto licenses in Italy, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Singapore, the Czech Republic and Canada.

    Still have questions?

    Our FAQ on crypto licensing covers legal requirements, obtaining licenses, compliance obligations, and risks for cryptocurrency businesses.

    To open a cryptocurrency exchange, one of the important steps is obtaining a crypto license. This will allow you to legally work with fiat funds and collaborate with banks and payment systems. To obtain a crypto license, you need to meet several conditions, such as proper transaction monitoring, having an office, having a local board member, and paying a state fee. Then, open an account with a bank or payment system and set up processing on the website. These are the main steps to launch a cryptocurrency exchange. The lawyers at SBSB Fintech Lawyers have extensive experience in the field of crypto projects and are ready to provide decisive support in launching your cryptocurrency exchange and obtaining the appropriate license.

    SBSB Fintech Lawyers specializes in providing professional business services in the field of crypto consulting. We offer comprehensive consultation on local corporate and tax legislation issues, as well as assistance in the legalization of cryptocurrency. Additionally, we provide legal support to startups working with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, as well as projects launching ICOs/STOs, supporting NFT marketplaces, DAOs, and Gamify projects.

    SBSB Fintech Lawyers provides crypto consulting services that can help solve various tasks, including:

    • Consultations on launching an NFT marketplace;
    • Opening bank accounts, tax, and other consultations in the field of NFT;
    • Assistance in registering a crypto company;
    • Consultations on opening a corporate account for a crypto project;
    • Recommendations on working with cryptocurrency and earning on it;
    • Consultations on the legal payment of taxes on cryptocurrency;
    • Assistance in issuing your own token;
    • Help in choosing a jurisdiction for working with cryptocurrency.

    Crypto consulting is just one of the services we can offer to our clients.

    With the growth of the crypto industry, more and more companies are considering implementing crypto processing on their websites. This is due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and consumers’ willingness to use them for purchasing goods and services. Crypto processing allows customers to make online transactions for goods and services using cryptocurrency and can significantly improve your company’s competitiveness.

    SBSB’s service for connecting crypto payments to your website helps merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrency. We accompany clients at every stage of implementation and do everything necessary for a quick and efficient integration of crypto processing on the website.

    The SBSB Fintech Lawyers team ensures a simple and fast process of connecting crypto payments to your website. Our lawyers will help you with the integration of crypto payments in just a few days, so you can start accepting payments in digital currency as soon as possible.

    If you are involved in a business related to cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology, you may need to obtain a crypto license. A crypto license is a permission to engage in cryptocurrency activities, issued by the corresponding regulatory bodies. Obtaining a crypto license is mandatory for a number of businesses related to cryptocurrencies, including exchange, storage, transfer, and use of cryptocurrencies.

    These activities may include cryptocurrency exchanges, ICO projects, crypto wallets, crypto delivery, and others. The requirements for obtaining a crypto license may vary depending on the jurisdiction and specific business. For more detailed information, it is recommended to consult with legal consultants or specialists in this field.

    In addition to this, obtaining a crypto license is an important factor in increasing customer trust, as it confirms the legality and legitimacy of the company’s activities in the cryptocurrency industry. However, it is worth considering that the requirements for obtaining a crypto license may differ depending on the region and country, so it is necessary to study the local legislation and obtain qualified legal advice before starting the procedure.

    The team of lawyers at SBSB Fintech Lawyers has significant experience in the cryptocurrency industry and is ready to provide professional legal assistance in the process of obtaining a crypto license. If you want to get a crypto license and start your business in the cryptocurrency industry, contact us for qualified assistance and consultation.

    If you are looking for a suitable jurisdiction for your crypto project, it is important to consider your needs and priorities. The choice of jurisdiction may depend on factors such as tax burden, accounting requirements, frequency and volume of fund movement, and others. Each country has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    If you are planning to launch your own cryptocurrency or ICO project, it is recommended to pay attention to countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Singapore, Canada, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and Lithuania. However, it is worth noting that the process of obtaining a crypto license can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully study the requirements and opportunities in each specific country.

    To facilitate the process of obtaining a crypto license and reduce the time required, it is recommended to seek legal consultations and professional support. SBSB Fintech Lawyers provides such services and is ready to help clients obtain a crypto license, taking into account the specifics of legislation and regulations in different countries. Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of cryptocurrencies and are ready to provide full legal support for your project.

    Contact us for more information about our services and specialists. We are ready to help you choose the optimal jurisdiction for your crypto project and provide legal support throughout the process of obtaining a crypto license.

    Schedule a Consultation with Our Experienced Fintech Lawyers and Get Expert Guidance on Crypto Licensing and Crypto Consulting Matters.