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    Legal support for crypto startups

    Discover the power of cost-efficient legal solutions tailored for crypto startups with our all-inclusive package. Acting as your in-house legal team, we guide you through the intricacies of the regulatory landscape, helping you avoid costly non-compliance risks.

    Our services help to prevent potential issues ranging from contract to copyright law, tax to property rights, and liability. We diligently review your company’s operations for compliance, updating as necessary and ensuring an optimal corporate structure.

    The package extends to shareholder agreements, investor contracts, and mergers or acquisitions, providing expert advice and transaction documentation. 

    We assist in implementing internal policies, including compliance, AML/CFT, conflict of interest, and information security. We provide ongoing support, addressing contract, policy, and procedure matters effectively.

    Our tax consulting ensures tax-efficient structures while adhering to all applicable tax laws. For cross-border transactions, we offer international tax planning advice.

    Our service is comprehensive, cost-effective, and crucial for every crypto startup looking to make a safe and successful journey in the blockchain world.

    SBSB Fintech Lawyers

    Efficiently launching your cryptocurrency projects is our top priority


    We focus on two areas: Fintech and Crypto. This enables our team to be qualified experts exactly in these domains.

    We understand when you say: “We need this urgently, all deadlines are over OR this will be the first crypto project in the world..”

    All projects are different. And likewise, legal solutions are different. We design all solutions on an individual basis. Final result – that what matters.

    All services are provided on a turnkey basis. We do not leave you stranded halfway, we follow up your idea to implementation. So that you can start operations all at once.

    Our Clients & Partners
    How it works

    First contact

    As part of the consultation, our lawyer will review the project details and research your objectives.


    Development of a customized solution for your project. We send you our quotation. Then we get the prepayment for our services and sign the contract.


    After a contract is signed, we will perform the project tasks: company registration, licensing, fund creation etc.


    We make sure the project is ultimately prepared for doing business and will offer follow-up services after the launch.

    Meet our experts

    Our team of experts at Crypto License and Fintech Lawyers is dedicated to providing top-notch legal support and guidance to our clients.

    Yuliya Barabash

    Managing Partner

    As the Managing Partner of SBSB FinTech Lawyers, Yuliya founded the company in 2013 and has been managing it for 10 years. Yuliya is an expert in providing Fintech advice, launching payment systems and neobanks, supporting investment and crypto projects, and establishing companies worldwide.

    Ivan Nevzorov

    Head of the Fintech Department

    In 2020, Ivan took over the Fintech Department at SBSB Fintech Lawyers. Has extensive experience in launching and maintaining Fintech and crypto projects. With his team, he has obtained over 30 crypto licenses in Italy, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Singapore, the Czech Republic and Canada.

    Schedule a Consultation with Our Experienced Fintech Lawyers and Get Expert Guidance on Crypto Licensing and Crypto Consulting Matters.